Why Landfills are at Capacity These Days


It’s frustrating to know that landfills in various places are at capacity. We usually throw our trash in these areas. If they’re at capacity, it means that some of our waste materials end up in the open waters. Others get shipped to poorer countries where they don’t get disposed of correctly either. There are plenty of consequences when landfills are at capacity. Understanding the reasons behind it could be the key to solving the problem.

We mix everything in the bin

We are among the reasons for the existence of this problem. We’re too lazy to segregate trash. Instead of separating it based on composition, we place everything in one bin. The problem is that some of these materials are biodegradable while others aren’t. If biodegradable waste ends up in landfills, it’s okay. It decomposes quickly. When a new batch arrives, there’s space for it. Non-biodegradable items don’t decompose. Plastic will remain intact even after many years. It’s the reason why landfills are in terrible shape. You have to make it a habit to segregate trash and recycle if you can.

You chose the wrong trash disposal company

When you work hard to segregate trash, it could end up in the same landfill because of the trash collection company you partnered with. It doesn’t care where things end up. The goal is to collect trash and make money. It would help if you worked with the right partner like Evergreen Junk Removal Service company. You want a guarantee that your trash will be in the right place. This company also partners with recycling centers to help recycle the items that are still useful.

You’re not mindful of what you throw away

You also have to be cautious with what you’re throwing away. Just because there’s a bin at home or anywhere else doesn’t mean you can throw whatever you want. You also have to think if it’s time to throw away the trash or you can still recycle it. Be creative in looking for ways to recycle certain materials. Even if you don’t recycle many things, it will still mean a lot if everyone does the same thing.

You don’t have a compost pit

You don’t have to rely on landfills if you have a compost pit at home. You can throw your biodegradable materials in the pit. You can also use the soil as a fertilizer in the future. If you don’t have enough space at home, you can convince your local community to create one. There can be a shared space for the entire community to throw biodegradable materials. Everyone should be responsible for maintaining it to ensure that it won’t smell bad.

Landfills at capacity are only one of the issues we face right now. There are plenty of other environmental problems to deal with. If we can find a way to reduce trash and recycle more, it would help a lot. Again, we live in an interconnected world. If we can solve one piece of the puzzle, it will positively affect the rest.

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