Choosing Your Ideal E-cigarette


The e-cigarettes industry is growing rapidly with over 400 brands out there. If you feel smoking cigarettes feels exhausting, then e-cigarettes ought to be your alternative. there is a lot of online stores like which have a bunch of categories for e-cigarettes but In choosing an e-cigarette of your choice, there are factors to contemplate like battery size, the coil or style of device.

Firstly, let’s examine how some basic factors like the coil, battery size or style of the device seems vital in selecting the ideal electronic cigarette.

Battery Size

If you wanna have a long-lasting time with your e-cigarette, this could be the primary factor to consider. When you use e cigarette free sample at E-cigarette Club with a better mAh it guarantees your device to last longer. However, devices with larger battery capacity tend to be bigger in size.


Each device comes with a different coil. The coil determines the flavour and vaping experience. Devices with tighter coils tend to present a stimulating experience to that of a cigarette, whereas that of losing coil seems like a large straw.

Style Of Device

The pen style or the box style have their pros and cons. The pen style is lighter to hold around and it shares similarities with a cigarette, however, it has a lower battery capacity. Whereas the box style provides a higher battery capacity but not as comfortable to hold like the pen-style device.

Types Of Vaping Devices


This device is suitable for the first trial and experienced vapers, it is also suitable to carry around especially when travelling. It has a battery capacity of 2500mAh and a USB charging cable and coil. It’s relatively cheap, costing AU$14.3 only.


This device is designed for first-time vapers and smokers, it has a pen style slimline, hence its portability. It has a battery capacity of 900mAh which lasts for a full day once charged. It also provides the mouth to lung coil providing experience similar to that of smoking and a direct to lung coil. It is expensive compared to the vim, costing AU$40 only.

Blu Disposables

This is a disposable vaping device and it is virtually available everywhere. The blu disposables are best suited for irregular vapers and it cost just AU$10. The device is usable for three days and it comes with different flavour which includes:

  • Regular and bold tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Cherry
  • Vanilla
  • Glacier Mint

The device is also durable in terms of battery capacity.

Flawless Tugboat V3

This tugboat v3 is considered as the best mechanical vaping device for vapers which also produces more. Tugboat v3 is a high-quality device that provides more power and battery capacity. It cost AU$235 only.

Kangertech Dripbox 160

The dripbox 160 vaping device is a box styled e-cigarette, it offers a mix of control and performance especially when you wish to control the temperature, additionally, it comes with a good power capacity lasting about 2 hours. You get a lot of mod from dripbox for just AU$96.


There above are the few types of electronic cigarette, but if you are to choose based on our handpicked five, your experience with vaping would be pleasurable.

Additionally, you’ll be able to expand your choice by looking at the following features before purchasing your subsequent vaping device:

  • Size
  • Battery size
  • Charging style
  • Chamber
  • Heating element type
  • Temperature settings
  • Connectivity options
  • Design and Vapor Quality

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