Taking your kid for a dental exam: An overview!


For many parents, convincing kids to go for a dental exam & routine checkup can be quite overwhelming. There is a common misconception that dental treatments are scary and painful, and unless you explain the whole process to your child in depth, do not expect them to think any differently. Finding a dentist in Fresno doesn’t have to be hard, thanks to search engines, but here are some quick things to know about dental exams for kids.

  1. Checking for teeth & gum health. Most pediatric dentists take their time with dental exams, because they know the concerns. Expect the dentist to do a complete checkup of the teeth and gums, just to find the possible signs for tooth decay, cavities, and cysts. Although not as common as in the case of adults, periodontal disease can be a concern for kids.
  2. Getting tips on dental care and preventive steps. Following the dental exam¸ the dentist may share a few ideas on how your child can do better with dental care and additional steps that can be taken to prevent unwanted damage to teeth and gums. They may also demonstrate the right ways to brush and floss, and in some cases, specific products may be recommended.
  3. Share the experience in advance. When you take your child for an appointment with the dentist, you have to ensure that the clinic doesn’t have a long wait time. Make sure that there are things to distract the child, in case there is a wait period. You have to also ensure that your child knows the whole experience in advance, so that they don’t feel intimidated.

Your dentist may create a routine for dental exams for your kid, which must be followed. At the least, take your dentist for a checkup at least once in every six months.

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