Important Steps to Take after a Car Accident in Missouri


If you have been involved in a car accident, every moment after the car crash might feel like decades of uncertainty. Your thoughts may race from how severely you are injured to how you are going to deal with any possible personal injury claim. Besides, you may want to know who was at fault – negligence or any malpractice that resulted in the crash.

The moments immediately after the crash, according to Schultz & Myers, you should the following;

Find out if anyone is injured

If you realize someone was injured in the crash, call 911 or any other relevant emergency number immediately. Don’t move an extremely injured individual – who is unconscious, cannot move any of his her limbs, or someone complaining of severe neck, back, or head pain.

Move off the road and warn all the nearby drivers about the crash

If possible, move the cars and injured individuals out of the way of traffic. If it’s impossible to move the vehicle or the people, use flares, hazard lights, and reflective or bright objects to warn oncoming traffic about the accident.

Contact the Missouri law enforcement

A relevant Missouri law enforcement officer can interview various witnesses and the people involved in the crash and get details about what might have caused the accident. The report prepared by the officer can help you prove your case in court.

Find out more details about who was involved in the crash

It’s important to get the contact details and the insurance information of everyone who got involved in the car crash. If you got injured during the collision, collecting contact information from witnesses who saw the crash can offer you significant support for your personal injury claim.

Document everything you remember about the crash

It’s recommended to document all the details you remember about the crash. For instance, you can record a video or take photographs using your smartphone if you can. In case you can’t, consider drawing a diagram illustrating where the cars ended up and the specific directions they were traveling to when the crash occurred. Also, write a summary of everything you remember about the moment of the crash. This can help you remember what exactly happened and probably determine who was at fault.

See your doctor

It’s recommended to see your doctor after an accident even if you think you were not injured. Some car crash injuries like whiplash might take a long time to manifest. The doctor can diagnose your injuries early and commence treatment immediately.

Other essential steps you should take include;

  • File a claim with your insurance service provider
  • Keep track of every expense associated with the injuries from the accident.
  • Don’t accept car crash settlements unless you are sure they are fair
  • Contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible

Car accidents and personal injury claims are complicated issues. However, taking the right steps immediately after the accident and working with the right lawyer can bring a big difference.

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