Considering Movers In Perth? Decide What To Keep When Moving in With a Partner


If you’re planning on moving in with a partner, before you start looking at movers in Perth, you need to think about what you should and shouldn’t keep. While removalists will happily move all of your belongings, but when you get to the other end, you could find yourself drowning in stuff. So, here are some tips to help you decide what to keep when you’re moving in with a partner.

Take a Full Inventory

Before you start the moving process, you should take a full inventory of both your homes. Itemizing all of your possessions will allow you to cross check whether you have any unneeded items or items that are doubled up. This will also help you to check for any forgotten items that could come in useful.

Make Joint Decisions

When deciding what you need your removal company in Perth to shift, you should make joint decisions. Sit down together to work out what should be taken to your new home and what items should be disposed of or donated. It is a good idea to start this process early to give yourselves time to sell any excess items. Listing your belongings on eBay or other sites can often take longer than expected, so try to make your decisions as soon as possible. If you do have some belongings that you may have difficulty selling yet want to leave behind, be sure to ask family and friends if they want them.

Keep the Newer Item

When you do find that you have duplicates that are a comparable quality, it is usually better to keep the newer item. Generally, newer items will have a longer lifespan, so be less likely to need replacement. Even if you have an older item that you think is in great condition, it may have a flaw that could be compromising performance, so the newer one is likely to be better.

Think Space

Depending on the size of your new home, it is a good idea to measure your larger items to see how well they would fit. So, when comparing sofas, fridges, freezers, and televisions, you may find that the smaller item is a better fit in your new home. Remember that smaller items such as rugs, ornaments, and mirrors should also be assessed. Bear in mind that if you currently have a bulky bookshelf and your partner has lots of picture frames, you may not be able to accommodate both.

Work Through Your Disagreements

As we’ve discussed, going through your belongings and deciding what to keep or ditch can evoke an emotional response. While you may think there is no need to have DVDs from 2003, they may have sentimental value for your partner. Be honest in your discussions to try to work through any disagreements to make the moving process smoother.

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