LED Headlight Conversion Tips That Will Make Your Car Even More Attractive


A headlight conversion is the process of installing LED bulbs in your car’s headlights to enhance its appearance and brightness. If you have a bright car, then it will attract more attention and also your car will be much safer and reliable.

LED Headlights convert your old lights into a brighter and safer way. The technology used in this headlight is the light emitting diode (LED) which is an electronic component used to manufacture the LEDs. The LEDs use a minimum amount of power as compared to traditional bulbs and hence the battery life is increased. Also, the low current drain helps in extending the battery life.

So, if you are thinking of converting your old headlight with the newer LED bulbs (buy from our sale page), then there are some tips you need to consider before doing so.

Convert your old lights into new lights

Firstly, you should check whether your lights have bulbs or not. If they have bulbs, then there is no need to go any further.

Secondly, you can choose from different lighting styles. There are two basic styles, namely, the daytime running lamps (DRL) and the fog lamps. They both have different advantages. The DRL are designed to illuminate the road when you drive at night. The fog lamps help you to make your car visible through the foggy weather.

Choose a high and bright beam

If you choose the DRL style then you can choose a high and bright beam. You should also choose the type of DRL that has a wide illumination pattern and it has to be adjustable.

Pick the right colour temperature

The colour temperature of the lights is the temperature of the light emitted from the bulb. If you select a higher temperature of light, it will be warmer and if you pick a lower temperature, then the light will be cooler. Choose a colour temperature that suits your style of driving.

Choose the right size of LED bulbs

The size of the bulb is different and depends upon the type of headlight. If you have a projector type, then you should choose a bigger bulb. Whereas, if you have a typical halogen headlight, then a smaller bulb is a better option.


There are several important points that you must keep in mind while choosing the right type of LED bulbs for your car. These tips will surely help you to choose the best LED headlight conversion kit for your car.

So, what are you waiting for? Just take out your time to read this article and make a plan to purchase the LED headlight conversion kit for your vehicle from SuncentAuto.

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