How to find the best hawai chappal for ladies?


The very first use of the flip flop type of footwear can be seen during the Egyptian times some 1,500 years back. Hawai chappal is a term commonly used for the ubiquitous and most essential part of our footwear present in every household, also known in English as the loyal and durable pair of flip-flops. The name hawai chappal does not mean that it originated on the islands of Hawaii but it was the name of a product of the very first pair of the blue and white rubber chappals introduced in the early 70’s by a well known footwear company in India.

The drab looking hawai chappal for ladies since then have undergone a major upgradation not just in the style department but also in the manufacturing process making them a very durable and comfortable piece of essential footwear. Our range of hawai chappal for ladies come in such vibrant colours and array of design styles that one can not just use them for all household runnings but also confidently wear them outside the home for everyday use. We also provide larger heels as an option for anyone who requires more padding while walking or for longer duration standing purposes.

The raw materials we now use for making these chappals have undergone a major transformation that ensures that there are no rubbing on the skin that used to hurt almost everyone wearing them in the early days when they were just made of a low grade rubber.

We use natural rubber mixed with many other ingredients to allow them the strength, flexibility and ability to mould into various shapes, colours and designs. They are built to last and are strong enough for all sorts of rough usage which might not be so prominently evident based upon their pretty looks. The straps or thongs are fabricated separately from the sole though cut from the same sheet of rubber. They are then installed together to create the convenient hawai chappal for ladies.

Although hawai chappals are widely used by most people and are considered essential but due to their simplicity of design they are an accident prone item. Most of us have at one time or the other either twisted our ankle or stubbed our toes while wearing our trusted hawai chappals. They do offer meek protection against normal hazards like small stones and nails or thumb tacks and also against fungi and warts by allowing easy access to the foot to keep it clean.

We make quality slippers for women in various other materials like leather, rexine, faux-leather, cloth and jeans that will suit your tastes and be a perfect match with a variety of dresses. These slippers come with better protection than the hawai chappal for ladies due to their much robust design. These slippers are made to look elegant and yet combine our unique qualities of durability and commitment to quality while being very budget conscious. Our sandals also have a variety of designs that enable the user to feel more confident and safer to treat them almost like a proper shoe for daily and office use as well.

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