An overview about website cloning


What is website cloning? Seldom in job portal clone script would be a term that would be put to use at a significant level. This literally means that you copy the popular theme of your website and formulate it into your own website. Some people may rate it as a form of copying as just working on a reference site and copying the features. This benefits businessmen who are starting from scratch as they do not have to churn in a lot of money on formation of a website.

Do you consider website cloning to be a legal thing?

Yes you could argue that like any other form of business website cloning is a legal business. Though this is till the point if you are not breaching any IPS, patents or copying the trademarks of any existing business. Till the point the clone website has legal owners that have been specified clearly there is no danger as far as cloning is concerned.

The moment you are thinking of formulation of a site you have decided to spend your life on it. From the time of designing, inception, formulation, implementation you want to have your view points at each and every stage. Suppose in case if your website is already on the same lines as another website, you can just rely on the clone script that has inspired you. In fact this would enable you to copy the features in a quick manner.

You can start off your business with a quick clone script at a fraction of a cost as compared to setting up entirely on your own. If this is not the case as you are looking to develop a new UI for you site, modify and change some features that is going to make your business model unique and a lot separate from the others. Even for your target niche you might be considering some additional features. For this reason you need to be really careful in the choice of a clone development company.

The benefits of a clone script

  • A scalable along with a quality website, would pave way for a quick launch and in this process saves quality time
  • The cost of clone script is a lot less as compared to a web development from scratch
  • The need to undertake market research, planning or user interface design is eradicated to a considerable level
  • This ceases to be a cost effective way so as to enter an online market with your target site. This is what the job portal clone script generally plans out.
  • You tend to develop the clones after taking inspiration from a popular website which points to the fact that there is demand for such a site already

To sum it up the point of consideration is would be the same clone would be already be in use by a lot of websites. In case if you use a cheap model things are expected to be dangerous in the days to come. Make sure that the content you choose works out to be original.

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