Fishes are Delicate, they are Beautiful and they Must be Cared


While fishkeeping is a hobby for few; it’s a passion for many others. Fishes are a part of the Water Kingdom and extremely delicate. It’s vital that we take fish keeping seriously and nurture the water species. Fishkeeping Advice should be carefully tallied with various sources before examining them practically. The passion for water species continues to draw people from different walks of life.

Fishkeeping is an art, it’s a culture which is accepted and practiced by people who are passionate about different kinds or breeds of fishes in different types of water bodies. Fishes exist and survive in a specific environment in terms of the water pH level, temperate and surroundings. The presence of other fishes in the water body, the food which the fishes get to eat, plants inside the water and the cleanliness of the water body are the key elements for the survival of the fish. Majority of us are more eager to have an aquarium at home which increases the home décor and builds our connection with Mother Nature. A specific breed of fishes which lights up the home aquarium are the Neon Tetra. This breed has the most extraordinary colors which consist of light blue at the back, silver white in the abdominal region and streak of blood red in the lower bottom until its tail. These magnificent blends of color truly lights up the aquarium however it’s very important to know about Neon Tetra Care.

While Neon Tetra can sparkle in dark surroundings, it’s essential that we provide a habitable environment for the breed. The temperature suitable for them is between 21 – 27 degrees Celsius. The water must be slightly acidic which means the pH should be around 6.8 to 7.0. The aquarium must have clean water filled out in frequent intervals. There must be lots of plants in the aquarium since Neon Tetra like a surrounding with dense plants. Neon Tetras are fond of frozen foods such as Blood worms, Brine shrimps, Daphnia and Tubinex. They also love eating live blood worms. If Neon Tetra Care is not our objective then it’ll lead to Neon Tetra Disease which cause the fading of colors in Neon Tetra, affect other breeds in the aquarium and eventually killing all the wonderful breeds.

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