Fly High Choosing the Right Airplane


Many people dream of owning a private jet. In the past, only a handful of privileged ones could see their dreams turn into reality.However, the scene is different now. Like automobiles, the airplanes come in various ranges from the affordable lower thousands to over a million dollars, based on their make and model.

There are many companies in the market that offer integrated aviation solutions.So, if you are looking for an affordable airplane or a luxury jet, you could approach these firms for insights on airplanes for sale.

Aircraft sales and management is not an easy business, even forklift sales is not an easy business. The aircraft sales sector is not as widespread and popular as the automobile sales industry. Many aspects are to be considered while buying and selling of an airplane and/or airplane parts. These details might sound or appear unfamiliar to people who are not affiliated with the aviation industry. It is therefore highly recommended to assess an airplane valuation while selling or purchasing airplanes.

There are various options in choosing airplanes that are for sale. You can choose from luxury private jets to affordable Cessna’s, Pipers and other used planes. Well-known brands include Beech craft, Airbus, Bell Helicopter, Diamond Aircraft, Boeing and Lockheed among others. A success transaction of selling or buying an airplane requires highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel including sales and maintenance team, aircraft manufacturers, attorneys, accountants and professionals.

How do you go about it?

You can start the process by learning about different airplane models through local air shows or by visiting manufacturers’ websites or from display ads indicating new or pre-owned planes available for buying. Flight clubs or organizations and local airports are sources of information on sales of new or used aircraft. Ensure an extensive maintenance check of any plane with its manufacturer or owner before opting for a test flight. It is important to thoroughly study the plane’s critical features, look for any explainable sound and enquirer if the aircraft is in good condition and can be used safely in all weather conditions. An aviation attorney can help in negotiating and reviewing the contracts to ensure that they are favorable to both the parties. Once the deal is finalized, the buyer should secure insurance for the aircraft before signing the dotted line. This step will ensure that the plane is covered, should there be problems in its transportation to the new hangar.

Choice is yours

Before you decide to own an aircraft, you must select the best possible approach considering the finances involved and the utility factor. You may choose to buy, rent/lease or borrow an airplane. Many times the cost of owning an airplane may go much beyond the actual cost of the plane. There are many expenses involved such insurance, fuel cost, taxes, inspection fees, maintenance, and the cost for storing the aircraft. If owning a small aircraft costs you less money than renting it, then it is a good idea to look for online aircraft sales. But if your flight hours each year are not much, renting one is probably the best cost effective way even compared to the cost of a small aircraft for sale. You can even opt for buying a used plane if you intend to increase the flying hours.

To find “just the right” used or pre-owned airplane, one must consider its age. It is also important to assess if the parts/components are easy to get just in case you need them for repair or maintenance. It is also vital to figure out if the engine is a common one with easily available/replaceable parts, the fuel requirements and the capacity of the plane.

What about the aircraft parts?

For many flying enthusiasts and aviation professionals, purchasing the aircraft part scan be enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. The internet has greatly improved the access to and availability of“hard-to-find” aircraft components, triggering a booming business. However, the sales of aircraft parts are strictly governed by regulations that determine whether those parts are genuine, legal, and safe for purchasing and selling. In order to fly safely, all the installed parts must be tested and certified from various regulatory agencies in the aviation domain. The purchase, sale, and installation of illegal and potentially unsafe aircraft parts pose a serious threat to the fliers. You are likely to face strict action, if an accident occurs as a result of installing unregulated parts in your aircraft. You could even lose your insurance cover if the regulatory body finds unauthorized parts or accessories in your aircraft.

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