Enjoy Your French Baguette Many Different Ways


A French bread loaf is a long thin loaf to bread. French baguettes are made from lean dough or no oils. You can always tell a loaf of French bread for other loaves of bread because of its length and hard crisp crust. The inside of the loaf is soft and chewy. This specific bread loaf has no fat which makes the inside so chewy.

French baguette

The Difference between a French Baguette and French bread

Depending on what part of the country you live determines how any type of french baguette loaf is referred to. Such as, in the United States a French bread is a bread loaf that is long and thin. Other types of French bread include ficelle or pain de Campagne. The Ficelle is a small baguette. The Pain de Campagne is a round loaf. The Pain de Campagne contains sourdough.

How do you Eat a French Baguette?

You may choose to slice this loaf into one-inch round pieces. You can spread butter, cream cheese, or whatever you like to eat onto the bread pieces. Once prepared as you decide, you eat a French Baguette is as you would a cookie or cracker.

You may opt to slice the whole loaf in half and build a submarine sandwich. You can slice the loaf into small bite-sized pieces and dip the pieces in a mixture of olive oil and herbs. Hollow out the inside and stuff the crust with a meat spread or cream cheese.

A French baguette tastes best when eaten right out of the oven or at least within a few hours of baking. This type of bread spoils quickly. If you leave this type of bread around too long, it becomes even crustier and harder to chew. The flavor of the bread diminishes the longer it sits around.

Meal Favorites and Side Dishes

You can enjoy this bread with many different meals and foods. Stuffing the loaf is very popular and the most popular stuffing is a Feta Spinach stuffing French Onion Soup Demands an excellent French baguette to soak up the luscious soup. You may want to try your luck at making overnight blueberry French toast. Another popular meal is to use the French baguette for an awesome steak sandwich. Caramelized onions to add onto the steak along with melted Provolone Cheese. You may want to try an egg and sausage baguette for your breakfast.

Cheese Lovers Love to Couple a French Baguette with a Choice Cheese

The best and most popular cheese that goes well with a French Baguette is Brie, Chaource or Camembert. A creamier cheese such as Fourme d’Ambert and other blue cheese matches well. A French Baguette is made without any kind of oils. As the water within the bread dries up the loaf dries out and becomes stale and crustier.

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