LoranoCarter+Atlanta: A Born Leader in The Kitchen


LoranoCarter+Atlanta is a passionate chef who believes in the idea that our food and culture are one, and he strives to bring you delicious bites while sharing his passion for this diverse city.

He is an accomplished chef and has been recognized as a culinary master in his own right. He offers personalized cooking classes that provide students with hands-on training while they learn how to cook with real ingredients.

Invite LoranoCarter to inspire your next dinner party. His passion for all things culinary, big and small, puts him in a league of his own. As an owner of two acclaimed Atlanta restaurants, he’s an expert on how to make it all work. From artisanal cheeses and fine wines to gourmet meats and flavorful side dishes were chosen. He is a vibrant restaurant serving the best local, quality ingredients prepared in classic Italian style.

What Is the Favorite Dish of Loranocarter+Atlanta?

When he was in elementary school, he used to be a huge fan of fried rice with chicken. Compared to other Asian dishes, it is not so sweet and it is healthier. And also His favorite dish is spicy jambalaya with shrimp, duck sausage, and crawfish tails.

Why Loranocarter+Atlanta Is Fond of Cooking?

Cooking is one of the most important things in life, it helps us to connect with family and friends and keeps us healthy. I am fond of cooking not only because food is tasty but also because I want to share that taste with people around me and this is one way to connect with them.

Cooking is a form of meditation. It reminds one to slow down and smell the flowers or whatever. To loranocarter+atlanta, cooking is a way to spend time with family and friends, and a great way to relax. The food that he creates is always delicious and a joy for everyone who eats it.

According to him, we love to cook because we love to eat. We have a strong passion for food and the best part about cooking is that you get to learn something new every time you make something new in the kitchen. Eating a great meal at home with your family and friends around you is one of life’s greatest joys – don’t waste it sitting on your couch eating TV dinners! Cooking always creates something new and creates stronger bonds between people.

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