Rump Steak – Where Is It From, How To Buy The Best Rump Steak & How To Cook It!


The rump steak is a delicious cut of beef that is traditionally used in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a cheaper alternative to sirloin, with good marbling and a meaty, flavorful taste. It’s also often sold as a rare cut, but the truth is that full-on rare can be chewy and a waste of money. The best way to cook a rump steak is over a very hot skillet.

While the word rump or picanha may sound ambiguous, it has specific meanings depending on where it’s used. The meaning of the word rump varies by region. The North American version is completely different than the English-speaking world, and the French version is even more refined. This means that a British ‘rump’ steak is not the same thing as a French ‘rump’ steak. The French and British versions are two very different. Moreover, the rump steak can be served with or without sauce.

The rump is the least expensive beef cut. It’s not suitable for grilling and is best cooked in liquid, such as water or broth. Because it’s so lean, it’s perfect for braising or cooking in liquid. Its origins are unknown. Its popularity is primarily due to its price and versatility. The rump is the lower back portion of a cow’s hindquarters.

How to Buy the Best Rump Steak

The best rump steak is a well-marbled, well-hung cut, about 5cm thick, from the backside of the cow. It is not as tender as sirloin, but has a deep, mineral savouriness that makes it a great value for money. The best rump steak is medium-rare or slightly under, as full-on rare can be chewy. The steak should be large and thick and should be cooked in the oven or a pan.

The rump is a cheaper alternative to Sirloin. It’s less tender, but has a stronger, more pronounced flavour than the latter. The best rump steak is always cooked properly and on the bone to extract maximum flavour. The T-shaped bone in the rump incorporates the short loin meat, resulting in a more succulent rump steak. While the beef is lean, this cut is also low in marbling and lacks depth of flavor.

The best rump steak is a cut that’s tender but not too soft. It’s made from the lower belly of a cow and is a traditional pub favorite. While it’s less tender than Sirloin, it is said to have a richer flavor. To buy the best rump steak, make sure to carefully cook it. The rump is a cross-section of three different muscles. A well-done hump should be about 70C.

How to Cook the Best Rump Steak

If you’re planning to cook this steak at home, make sure to buy a well-aged one, as full-on rare will turn out chewy and unappetizing. A thick and large steak will produce the best results. A hot pan or oven is the best method of cooking it.

Before you start cooking the rump steak, make sure it is at room temperature. If it’s still cold, it will not absorb heat as well, and it won’t caramelize as well. Use a heavy-based frying pan to cook your steak. Aluminum non-stick pans don’t withstand the high heat required to sear a steak, so make sure you use a heavy-based pan.

If you don’t want to use a grill or a pan, a good option is to grill the rump steak. You can do this by taking it out of the refrigerator 40 to 60 minutes before cooking. After you have seasoned it, let it stand at room temperature for about an hour. After that, heat a frying pan until it reaches the smoking point and add the seasoned steak.

How Do I BBQ Rump Steak?

First off, you should always be sure to test your meat thoroughly. Keep an eye on it and gently prod it with your finger to test the texture. The thickness and flavour of the meat will change as it cooks, so you should try to master this by watching the process. Rare steak should be easy to cut with a knife but should be slightly tender. Medium-rare steak should give but resist, while well-done steak should be hard and feel like shoe leather. Lastly, test the colour by making a small indent with a knife and removing the heat.

The next step is to prepare the rump steak. This is one of the toughest types of steaks, but it is still extremely flavorful and delicious. Before putting it on the grill, you can use a marinade to help seal the juices and enhance the taste. Before you begin, make sure that you have pre-prepared the ingredients to use as a marinade. You can prepare it the night before and use the marinade to make it tender and juicy.

Once the steak is ready, you can brush it with olive oil and leave it overnight in the fridge. After the meat is soaked in oil, place it on the grill, then remove it from the fridge about 30-60 minutes before grilling. Once the steak is ready, you can sprinkle it with salt and black pepper. Seasoning the meat right before cooking is essential to seal in the juices. Be sure not to over-season the steak with sauce, as this could cause flare-ups while cooking.

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