Create Customized Frames to Fit Odd Sized Pictures


You might have a picture for your wall but no frame to put it in. You could go to the store and try to see if you can find a frame that is the right size for it or you could have someone make a custom frame just for that picture. There are a number of retailers that offer custom frames and that allow you to have a lot of say in how you want the frame to turn out. If you choose to go the custom route, you should know what you can all personalize and what decisions you would like to make. The perfect frame will help your picture to stand out when you have it up on the wall.

customized photo frames

Create a Customized Frame to Get It the Right Size for Your Picture:

Your picture might not be a traditional size. That does not mean that you can’t have it framed. There are not a whole lot of choices available at the average store when you are picking out a pre-made frame. There are certain sizes of frames available but not every shape and size imaginable. You should have some customized photo frames created when you have a photo that is an odd size and ready to go up on your wall.

Choose the Color You Want for Your Frame:

A mossy green can look nice when it is used for the frame of a black and white photo. A bright gold can look nice for a colorful photo. When you are customizing a frame, you should have a say in the color that you want the finished frame to be. Think about what would look best on your wall.

Choose the Type of Hanger You Want on Your Frame:

If you like a certain type of hanger and you want that used on your frame, talk to those who will be customizing the frame for you. If there is one type of hanger that you feel works good on your wall without damaging the wall, ask for those working on the frame to put that hanger in place. You should be able to have a say in little details like the hanger used on the frame.

You May Have a Say in the Glass Used for Your Frame:

You may even get to have a say in the type of glass used in the frame that is created for your photo. Some like a shiny and perfectly clear glass. Others like a more matte glass. Think about what will look best with the decor you have set up in your home.

The Perfect Frame for Your Picture is Something You Help Design:

There are people out there who know how to put wood together to create a frame. When you work with those people, you can have a perfect personalized frame created. Talk with those who create frames and see how much say they will let you have as they work on creating the right kind of frame for you.

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