Brief Descriptions On Favorable Pipette Styles


With the vast variety of pipettes being manufactured, it is always helpful and wise to be more understanding of pipettes and the variety of designs they come in. Each design is carefully constructed to better serve a more specific use for the pipette. For example, a scientist in a biology lab may not be as interested in measurements as a physician in a healthcare facility.

As years progressed for the useful little instrument, it became more advanced. The manufactures quickly started implementing more innovative ideas and modern materials. Today’s pipettes include more detailed, convenient designs usually made with a combination of materials. The large assortment of pipettes currently on the market is meticulously created to appeal to the more precise job functions of those who habitually utilize the tools throughout their schedule.

9 Popular Pipette Designs

  1. Fixed Volume Pipette: Known for unwavering performance and the ability to maintain reliable results.
  2. Repeater Pipette: The handheld, shock resistant construction of this pipette allows for a less strenuous experience if you must repeatedly dispense liquid.
  3. Precision Digital Pipettes: This pipette is favored for its durable, high-quality construction. It features quick volume modification and an easy to use design.
  4. Microdispenser Pipette: This design is made to assist the work environment of those who may need to use the tools often and on demand. This type of pipette refills for continual use without any assistance. The device is long-lasting, flexible and simple to use.
  5. 1:10 Dilution Pipettes: This pipette can come in single or dual channel styles. The pre-calibrated steps make it easy for 1 and 0.1mL of the same liquid to be pipetted.
  6. Manual Pipettes: This pipette features classic characteristics for uncomplicated use. This style is known for comfortable shape and hard-wearing construction.
  7. Positive Displacement Micropipettes: The sole purpose for these precise micropipettes is to assist with transfers of high density, often dangerous liquids such as mercury.
  8. Pasteur Pipettes: The first documented pipette design. Its simple, yet proficient structure keeps the design listed among the most requested pipettes.
  9. Electronic Pipettes: Controlled by a microprocessor, this advanced pipette showcases various working modes, volume control, and other features created to provide effortless performance. Electronic pipette designs and their features are steadily advancing and growing with technology.

While pipettes focus on the transfer and disbursement of liquid in low volumes, the broad selection of styles manufactured are always put into action with the tool’s purpose and functionality requirements in mind. A useful and more advanced pipette is always being planned out since the small mechanism is so widely used across the globe.

The cost of the pipette will depend on the design and the unique specifications it has to offer. In reality, pipettes are a cost effective purchase that will only prove to be helpful. In fact, the pipette is the only capable instrument on the market with the intention to assist the process of transferring and dispersing small volumes of liquid.

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