Always Strive for Perfection in Presenting Yourself


Have you ever wondered what makes someone VIP? I mean, how do you know when to treat a person with more respect than your usual attitude towards other people? Is it something like a charm, or they just have an effect on people? Maybe their attitude is just different and you can notice it from a mile away? Maybe they have a trick up their sleeve and they don’t tell anyone about it? No, the answer is much simpler than that. It isn’t magic, it isn’t some kind of sorcery, or special psychology even. They don’t trick you, don’t make you fall for their shenanigans. The entire thing is just looks – personal presentation.

Maybe you are looking at the whole thing a bit skeptically. How can presentation and looks change one’s attitude toward you? Well, seems like it can, and it does more often than not. There is something inherently wired in us humans, and because of it we have patterns of actions. If we deem someone superior, we usually do so, based on looks. Have you seen a really fit and muscular guy? Of course. And at that precise moment you know that he can make you squirm. It is just pure biology. Assessment of risk. You wouldn’t want to cross him, because you want to keep your skin safe.

Well, the same kind of instinct works in another way – dress like a boss and people treat you like one. Again, they don’t want to cross you, because, well, you probably can make their life hell, or you are just very important and have made your way through the world, so you can take other people’s “submission” as a kind of respect. And after all it really is respect. Too often you can get ignored, because you look like everybody else. Dress up and instantly you are recognized. It is not rocket science, it isn’t even psychology – it is basic human instincts. Your looks matter. Presenting yourself perfectly is what helps people seem superior. Sadly, we can hardly escape that, no matter how much we proclaim that we don’t judge the book by its cover. The truth is we totally do so.

So what can you do? Maybe you work in an office, as most of the people in the US. You want people to treat you as VIP, although you may not really be one. But here’s the trick – go buy yourself a nice-fitting suit. Tailor-made is expensive, but you can buy some very cheap, but still good suits, and then go to a tailor to fit them. Won’t cost you a week’s salary, don’t worry. And after you dress up, there is another trick. Find yourself professional transport. If you live in Chicago you can always look for Chicago limousine service in your area.  Go to your workplace in it, make certain that people notice and I’m telling you, things will change. Some may see you as competition, but most will just treat you with more respect. And that’s something that you can really beat.


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