What Is Asbestos, And Why Does It Need To Be Removed From Cars?


For those who wanted to import or export a vehicle to another country and had to remove asbestos from their car, without knowing why this article will explain the basics. Asbestos refers to 6 naturally occurring fibrous minerals, which are able to resist fire, heat and even electricity.

Now, this material is not only found in cars, you can also find them on motorbikes. So if you are interested in importing motorcycles into Australia with Dazmac, then you will first have to get rid of asbestos.

While the asbestos fibers found in nature are microscopic, they are very durable and resistant to most chemical reactions, breakdowns and even fire. These properties are used for many years to support different industrial and commercial settings. Even though its use has been diminished in the past decades, there are still plenty of products out there that contain asbestos.

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Why Is Asbestos Hazardous?

One could argue that asbestos is best known for the role of causing mesothelioma, which is a rare and deadly cancer. It can develop in the linings of your abdomen, heart, and lungs. Since asbestos is made from microscopic fibers, it can easily be inhaled and become airborne. Due to their shape, the asbestos particles will cling to the lung tissues and areas of the respiratory system.

After some time, these small fibers will cause a number of health problems, and three of the biggest ones are:

  1. Mesothelioma – which was already mentioned; this is aggressive cancer that forms in the thin membrane that exists to protect your vital organs in the abdomen and chest. Exposure to asbestosis, so far, the only medically-verified way of having this disease.
  2. Lung cancer – one of the most commonly associated factors for lung cancer are radon and smoking. However, lung cancer is also known to form once you are exposed to asbestos.
  3. Asbestosis – due to the formation of scar tissue plaques on top (the surface) of the lung linings (pleura), the asbestosis can form. This is a degenerative respiratory condition and it can be one of the compounds to the onset of mesothelioma.

Millions of people have already been exposed to asbestos, and to prevent any unwanted diseases and risks, the rules of importing a car including cleaning your car form asbestos. After this is done, you can safely hire Dazmac Logistics for American muscle car imports, or any of your local providers with a good reputation.

Types of Asbestos

Actually, the word ‘asbestos’ is just a general term that is referring to a group of silicate minerals, which are known to have the same properties; such as:

  • Resistance to fire, electricity, and heat.
  • Thin, fibrous crystals that are easily broken and manipulated, known as the asbestiform habit.
  • Sound absorption.

Keep in mind that all types of asbestos are known to share the above-mentioned properties, and all of them are dangerous. This is why you need to have the asbestos removed from any vehicle before you are allowed to import it into any country.

Final word

If you are interested in further details about asbestos and other dangers, you could talk to your broker, importers or simply do some research online. It is important that you understand the risks and reasons as to why asbestos is very dangerous and why it needs to be removed. If you hire a professional broker, he/she will surely be able to explain this to you.

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