Christian therapy boosts your spiritual health –Myths which keeps you from getting help


Christian counseling is a therapy which focuses on the disciplines of psychology and faith to offer an approach to emotional and mental health and the teachings of which are pulled from the Bible. Practitioners who offer these services usually incorporate the religious teachings and scriptures to guide you and help you navigate through the life issues that challenge your life. You have to integrate and strengthen your faith and also your life in order to be able to face the life events in a turbulent way. It is a Christian counselor who can help you with these.

However, it is sad enough to note that there are several myths that keep the Christians from seeking help of counselors. The concerns of this article will tell you about the myths that you should stay away from.

Myth #1: When Lord is there, you can’t be weak!

Fact: It is true that you get your strength from the Lord but when things get confusing or dangerous, there are times when you need to get help from outward sources. He is Almighty and he is over-powerful but we are inconsistent and imperfect and not as strong as we think we are. When you seek help of a Christian counselor, don’t take it as a flaw but try to view it as the strength of God in your life. Hence, don’t shy away from seeking help.

Myth #2: Discussing my past is going to hurt me

If you opt for face-to-face therapy, there are high chances that it will definitely hurt you. If you’re going through a circumstance that’s rooted in pain, this could dig up its roots. If you avoid getting help of a therapist, you will soon find yourself mentally and emotionally drained off. Whenever you begin to make progress, you will start feeling better, more confident and you can move on with life.

Myth #3: Small problems can be solved by discussing with family members

It is indeed great that you have a close circle of people in your life who tend to listen to you and speak to you about your problems. But only relying on your family members and loved ones during an emergency is not something wise. There are things which should be spoken with an expert mental health counselor as they are experienced in providing help.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the ways in which you can boost your spiritual and mental health by seeking Christian counseling help, forget the myths listed above.

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