Top five Asian grocery stores in Eugene, Oregon, USA


Grocery store has become an important component of human lives. One can find every item of daily use from such stores like packed food products, toiletries etc. Moreover, the services offered by a grocery store help improving the whole shopping experience.

Top five Asian grocery stores in Eugene, Oregon, USA are listed below;

  1. Sunrise Asian Market Eugene:

One of the Asian grocery stores in Eugene, Oregon, USA, sunrise Asian market offers great variety and selection of Asian foods and other packaged items. The store has amazing collection of noodles, rice, sauces and vegetables which are sourced fresh and stored in complete hygienic conditions. The store has appointed friendly and courteous staff members. Moreover, the owner of the store makes himself available tp the customers and staff round the clock. Every item at the store is reasonably priced for example fresh mushrooms, spices and even ready to eat dumplings. Overall it is a compact and comprehensive Asian grocery store.

  1. Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is a long running retail chain which offers groceries, toys, apparels, furniture, electronic items, house wares and other packed food items to its customers. The store also has great variety of wine, beers, baked items and packaged meat food products. The store organizes regular sales which attracts thousands of customers from far off places. Customer service is great and the surroundings are clean. Staff appointed is friendly and courteous. Shelves are always stocked with necessary grocery items and toiletries. One can even access the delivery services offered by the store to its regular customers.

  1. Safeway:

It is a longtime running supermarket chain offering all kinds of packaged food items and necessities which a household can need for completion of its daily chores. The store also houses an in-house Deli, bakery and separate meat section offering all types and fresh Meat selections. Staff is friendly and helpful. Customer service is great and fast even at the cash counter. The store also offers fresh Fruits and veggies to its customers. One can be sure of a wonderful and positive shopping experience at the grocery store.

  1. Whole Foods Market

Whole foods market is considered to be an eco friendly supermarket chain selling great variety of natural and organic grocery items, house wares and other products. The store also has a separate wine section selling quality and reasonably priced wine selections. One can choose from great variety of coffee and beer selections sold by the store. Products can be seen to be overpriced but the quality of products compensates for the high prices. Customers can be sure of an amazing shopping experience.

  1. Trader joe’s:

Trader joe’s is a leading grocery chain offering variety of items like dairy products, easy to prepare meals, spices, wine and beer selections to its customers. Staff appointed is friendly, helpful and courteous to its customers. The store offers great variety of packaged and frozen food products which cannot be found any other grocery store in town. Customer can find amazing selection of fresh produce, salads and breads at the store. The best part is better parking facilities which are unparalleled.

Out of all the Asian grocery stores mentioned above, Sunrise Asian Food Market Eugene or offers the best products and services to its customers.

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