The Beginners Guide To Finding The Right Turnout Rug


With the plenty of choices available in turnout rugs in the market, choosing the correct one becomes compulsory that will give enough comfort to your horse. Here is some of the beginners’ guide that you should follow when finding the right rug.

Determining correct weight is necessary

The first and the foremost confusion that you are going to face when investing in turnout rugs is the correct weight. Different types of rugs are available from lightweight ones, medium-weighted, and then the heavier ones. The lightweight rugs are perfect for autumn months, medium, as well as the heavy ones, are perfect for the winter months. Many polyester turnout rugs come with polyester fluff that has air-filled pockets, which helps in creating warmth.

This weight of the polyester fills comes in different weights starting from zero grams to four hundred grams. So, it can be said that the rug is heavier; it is useful for winters and vice versa. When investing in turnout rugs, make sure to determine whether it is providing enough warmth and also the material quality.

Know properly about the outer shell

Every turnout rug must have a hard outer shell so that it can protect your horse from any kind of hazardous material. Every rug comes with various deniers that have a D rating, which means that yarn numbers needed for making one thread. If the denier is high, then the fabric will be strong. Also, when you are choosing denier, always find out about the lifestyle of your horse. If you invest in low denier ones of 600D, then it will be perfect for the placid horses or a single horse.

The denier that has a 1680D rate is perfect for rough ones or herds. Apart from that, fabric options are also available that include rip-stop construction. Alternatively, you can also invest in ballistic nylon, which is quite tough and sturdy. So, when buying turnout rugs, opting for a tough outer shell is necessary.

Cut and color is important

Most of the modern turnout rugs come in a shape that entirely covers the horse for giving enough warmth to your horse. The ones that have standard neck shape are perfect for summers, whereas the high neck ones are correct for the winters. Also, the high neck ones come with a snug finish that prevents rain from getting inside the shoulder area.

Therefore, these are some of the guides that you should follow when searching for the right turnout rug for your horse.

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