How to choose jewelry


Girls love jewelry because it is a great way to look stylish and bright without hitting the budget. Today you can see accessories from well-known brands with high quality coating, low cost and exclusive models.

Features and Benefits

Jewelry is a piece of jewelry made of non-precious materials. This can be plastic, aluminum, copper, brass, glass. In addition, accessories can be sprayed with, for example, gold or silver. This layer allows jewelry to extend its life without losing a presentable look. Rhinestones, beads, beads, crystals, metal plates with enamel are used as stones.

Of course, the greatest benefit of such jewelry is their value. Cheap materials even from well-known brands are cheaper than gold models with natural stone. Other than that:

  • Jewelry is easy to pick up for every item of clothing;
  • It does not cause allergies
  • Becomes a selection of stars.

Basic selection rules

Costume jewelry is universal; it is easy to combine it with a simple summer dress and clothes, similar to the dress code. But there are still times when jewelry looks out of place and doesn’t fit the image at all.

So the first rule says about the inappropriateness of combining gold and silver jewelry with jewelry. Despite the similarities, the difference between them is visible to the naked eye, which means you can look tasteless.

By buying a jewelry set, a woman saves herself time because earrings and necklaces fit perfectly with the ring and bracelet if you are also looking to buy jewelry set try But here you should not overdo it with the details and put everything at once. Combinations of two jewelers – a stylish and elegant setting.

Continuing the theme of the sets, it is worth noting that not all sets are perfect. For example, if the stones in jewelry are equal in size, it looks rustic and pretentious. Different stone sizes in the set – one of the conditions for the right choice. It is also important to be aware of this topic when preparing the kit yourself.

It is important to take into account the characteristics of the figure. A set of large stones will look massive on a thin girl, a small necklace will be lost on the silhouette of a busty beauty, and short fingers will not decorate a ring with a round sharp crystal. Each case is individual, so before you buy jewelry, it is so important to try on the clothes for which this set is intended.

Of course, jewelry is created to save and allow you to buy jewelry for each item. On the other hand, with savings it is important not to overdo it. Cheap materials, stones with traces of glue will destroy the most ideal image, causing allergy and irritation. High quality alloys and coatings will serve with dignity and much longer, opening savings not in the quantity of jewelry but in their quality.

Jewelry should always be chosen for a particular together; otherwise long-term storage on the distant shelves is likely. Before you buy, keep in mind the material, style and mood of the dress. For lightweight fabrics, pick up accessories made of glass, thick cloth withstand voluminous pearl jewelry, ethnic wood accessories.

And jewelry loves experimentation, so it is important to know the basic rules, to rely on your own intuition and femininity.

Stylish combinations

The girl for the day can change a few bows. During the day it is the image of a business lady, in the evening of a romantic nature, on weekends it is a direct and free person with a passion for experimentation. Of course, the main focus is the wardrobe and choosing jewelry is also important in accordance with the correct theme.

Under the blouse

Office style and blouse form a permanent union, this element of wardrobe is also present in a romantic everyday style. Jewelry here must be chosen according to the blouse collar and decor. So a blouse with a particular style jabot will not accept jewelry around the neck. Ruffles, lace and bow at the neck are also a self-sufficient bright accent.

If the blouse has a V-shaped neck, the optimal solution will be the choice of a necklace or necklace that repeats its shape. It is better to deny long chains and pendants. Jewelry for a shirt with a stand-up collar can be a multi-layered long decoration.

And of course, don’t forget the principle of relevance. Business style becomes more diverse with an accessory, but pretentious and tasteless with two or more vivid details. Free style leaves more room for experimentation.

Under the dress

Dress – a unique thing in a woman’s wardrobe because it is present in all stylish images. To properly choose jewelry for such clothes, it is important to remember that: a shoulder dress is not suitable for the use of jewelry;

The presence of rhinestones and sequins on the neck also limits the use of jewelry.

The rest of the jewelry can be an appropriate style, for example, artificial pearls are good for business dress and evening dress.

Fashionable jewelry for the office this season:

  • Bracelets in the form of metal cuffs. This model is perfectly combined with the watch;
  • solid earrings of retained tones and geometric shapes;
  • Chains with pendants.

Spectacular pictures

  • Geometric pendants in combination with a dress soften a tight image.
  • The evening gown on the straps, decorated with rhinestones, looks luxurious along with bulky tonal earrings.
  • A stylish necklace with stones transforms a daily dress.
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