How to Be a Greener Car Owner


With a hundred and one things to do each day; from dropping the kids off at school to getting to work, running errands at lunch, visiting relatives and picking up your food shopping. For many, cars are time-saving devices, and without them, their days would be impossible. And so, for a lot of good reasons, most people aren’t prepared to swap their vehicle for a bike just yet (or ever). However, as conscientious human beings, we’re aware of the damage our cars pose to the environment, thus becoming greener car owns is the next logical step.

Recycled Car Parts

It’s inevitable that at some point while owning your car, a repair shall crop up requiring you to pay for parts and labour to fix the problem. As opposed to giving your mechanic the go-ahead to purchase brand new parts, you could opt for a more environmentally friendly option and use a breakers yard to order a second-hand car part instead. By recycling old car parts and using them in your vehicle, you will officially be on your way to becoming a greener car owner.

Top Up Your Tyres

Your tyres carry the weight of your entire car, and so it’s expected over time and distance, that they will deflate. Because of this, it’s essential to top them up regularly, particularly following riding over bumpy roads, and long-distances. Pumping your tires up with the recommended amount of air pressure specified for your car means your tires can adequately support the weight of your car. In turn, this restricts the excessive use of fuel used to push your car along when the tyres are low.

Share Your Car

It’s always good to be generous and share, and so on your quest to become a greener car owner, consider sharing your car with others. For instance, you could offer to pick up your fellow work colleagues on the way to work to save them from using their own cars. Or take turns, with one of your friends picking everyone up one week, and you the next. As well as reducing your carbon footprint, you and your work buddy’s will also save money on fuel.

Keep a Steady Speed

Stopping, starting, slowing down and then speeding up your car, spells bad news for fuel consumption, which is terrible news for the environment. And so, if you can, always try to keep a steady foot on your accelerator over long distances to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. And of course, if you have cruise control, make use of it while driving to maintain a steady speed.

Avoid Aircon

Whether coping with hot sweats or summer heat, most of us rarely think twice about turning up the aircon. But if you want to become a greener car owner, you should avoid aircon as it uses fuel, which increases your car’s potential to harm the environment.

To conserve the environment and become a greener car owner, the advice above shall help reduce your carbon footprint.

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