How Often Should My Car Be Serviced?


This is a question that many young motorists ask, as they are relatively new to car ownership, and therefore have little or no experience in vehicle maintenance. Whether new or used, when you buy a car, it should have an owner’s manual, which tells you everything you need to know about the vehicle. At the rear of the manual is the service section, with a page for every service, which should be carried out a specified mileage intervals, and the garage that completed the service would enter in the details of the work they carried out.

Typical Service

The average service would include all of the following:

  • Engine Oil Replacement – The oil and air filter would also be changed.
  • Check all belts for tension and wear, tightening or replacing when necessary.
  • Coolant levels would also be checked and prewinter servicing would include topping up the anti-freeze.
  • Power steering and brake fluid would be checked and topped up if necessary.

The mechanic would also look at the brake pads, gearbox oil level and would road test the car, which would highlight any issues. There are affordable garages that offer Mots in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, and booking the car in for a pre MOT service will ensure it passes with flying colours.

Follow the Car’s Mileage

Every vehicle would have its own servicing schedule, but as a general rule, every 5-10,000 miles would see a service carried out. It is OK if you service the car a little under or over the specified mileage, as long as you don’t leave it too long.











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