Does regression force your older kid to behave like a baby?


On a certain day you are proud that your kid has grown big? The next day things take a U turn as he wants to feed from a bottle or requests you to change his diapers. This is a problem that you are facing termed as toddler regression. Just like all phases of life this one would pass without a lot of difficulty. But still you need to be aware of certain facts during this tenure.

The reasons on why it occurs

Child regression when baby comes out is rare. The stage of regression to baby when they are close to you and secured could arise due to numerous aspects. Certain doubts in their mind might emerge while growing up and will they become separate from you or could a developmental issue get the better out of them. To a certain stressful situation in life regression can be a natural reaction arrival of a new born baby or joining a preschool.

Things as a parent that you need to be aware

For a parent a point to consider is that they would not be having a child forever in their arms. This replicates a form of saying that a baby craves for extra attention and sensitivity at your end. There are some things as a parent you can plan out.

Proceed and no harm in babying your child

Allow them to drink from a bottle, let them such their thumb or you can allow them to cling. If you are not allowing him to slide back it would revert their phase of boyhood and might prolong this phase.

Harp on the love

Convey to them that they do not need to act like a baby to deserve this unwanted attention. If there is a new born it makes sense to keep a time apart where both of them are together. The toddler would even like the sense of appreciation. What happens is that they would take turns to change diapers and help you during the course of a bath.

Keep criticism at bay

Rather than criticising, focus on the positive barrier. Make your child aware of the fact that you are merely pretending. It would be fun to play around, but I do love you since you are not acting like one.

Pamper grown up activities

Focus on activities which become bigger. It is bad that your sister cannot have ice cream, but you can as you are grown up. Keep on praising them if they achieve something big and applaud their big time achievements like relying on a spoon in solving a puzzle. In a way child regression when baby comes out reduces at a considerable level on arrival of a baby.

A release valve

Convey to your baby that it is ok to be angry and good at certain times. If they end up making a sarcastic remark about your new born baby do not go overboard and scold them. It is bound to happen.

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