Dealing with dandruff problems in kids


Dandruff is a common issue which most adults have to deal with. Though kids are known to be facing mild dandruff issues. In fact this poses to be a common problem which each one of us has experienced it at some point in our life. In kids dandruff can be a problematic issue as it can lead to irritation and itching of the scalp. Since kids are known to play a lot outdoors there are susceptible to issues of dandruff.

Now what is dandruff? It means the white flakes of hair found on the hair of a person. Always make it a point that you can avail the best dandruff shampoos for color treated hair. This would happen if improper hair care measures from pollution are adopted. A certain degree of dandruff is common, but in some cases it could pave way for a serious issue.

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In adults there could be a lot of causes of dandruff, but in kids three basic reasons can be put forth

  • Improper shampooing of hair can pave way for dandruff issues in kids. The moment we shampoo our hair the dead cells needs to be washed in a proper manner. This would not be the case when the child’s head is washed. What happens is the dead cells get accumulated on the head of a child paving way for dandruff
  • One of the reasons why kids suffer from dandruff is malnutrition. Kids have a lot of drama with food as they are not in favour of vegetables and try every trick in the book to avoid them. Though there are waiting for every little opportunity to feast on unhealthy junk food. If you are not able to provide kids with a nutritious diet it can lead to dandruff.
  • In certain cases the hair products that you go on to use on your child does not suit them and leads to dandruff. This can be altered by bringing about a change in the product you use. In situations the products are not capable to offer protection from sun and other issues. The use of the best dandruff shampoo for coloured hair would solve this problem. In the meantime a proper consultation with a doctor is called.


Dandruff is well noticed and in case if your child has this issue you might be well aware of it. The moment you notice the symptoms you need to take precautions in order to overcome them. If you see white flakes on the shirt of your child and your kid is prone to constant itching the situation calls for urgent attention.

If your child is suffering from dandruff there is no need to worry about any consequences to the scalp. Sometimes the scalp of your child might get rid and this is the time you need to get in touch with a doctor. They are going to call for an immediate treatment to provide relief from the problem. In most cases they suggest the use of a medicated shampoo.

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