About Construction Estimator Courses


For you who are thinking of starting construction, you will have a complete basic notion of all stages of the work, from the marking of the land, foundation to the roof. In this course, lessons cover the step by step of building a house.

In Construction Estimator Courses, we will teach you all the processes adopted in a work. We will guide you from the budget to the purchase of the construction materials. 

For beginners in construction, you will get all the fundamental concepts about preparing a good budget, the most efficient techniques for extracting quantitative from the project. 

Recent research shows that Civil Construction is considered a kind of thermometer of the country’s economic performance, as it is the first to signal the resumption of growth in economic activities due to public and private enterprises. 

The Construction estimator courses cover the areas of buildings, finishes, and electrical, hydraulic, and gas installations, allowing professionals to work in construction, conservation, and maintenance.

With this course, you will have a faster placement in the job market. Job opportunities are found in construction companies, companies providing public utility services (distribution of gas, electricity, water, and sewage), contractors, building restoration companies and in large residential or commercial complexes such as hotels and shopping centers, among others.

Course modality: 

Construction estimator courses will be 100% live online, through a platform where you can see and listen to the instructor and interact with the participants. 


Project Managers, Construction Managers, Construction Coordinators, Purchasers, Project Planners, Contract Administrators, Engineers, Architects, Building Inspectors, Engineering Assistants, Attorneys, and related professionals. They work on behalf and in the interest of the project owner construction or engineering, or in the interest of contractors.

In a broader spectrum, we understand that the course will also be of interest to anyone who, in one way or another, is linked to the construction industry. Be it as an independent professional, developer, member of construction companies, engineering consultants, of project management. 

Or in engineering and project departments of institutions and public or private organizations that are in charge of contracting and managing works and services.


– Dialogue presentation of the instructor with PowerPoint presentations.

– Analysis of real cases.

– Carrying out individual exercises.

– Carrying out group exercises.

– The debate among the participants.


All students who will pass the Construction estimator courses meeting all the established requirements will be issued a certificate from us. 

Those who, even though they have actively participated in the forums and carried out the practical activities, did not fulfill the evaluation requirements, will receive a certificate of participation in the course.

If you came to our site searching for the best Construction Estimator Courses, and are looking for advanced didactic material at university or college level, we suggest you look for an online training course. We provide you everything with teachers in classrooms, which is recommended by some institutes of postgraduate.

If you find that this basic course and does not meet your needs, do not worry. Get in touch with us and our faculties will guide you.

Our teaching material is intended for the final consumer, that is, the person who wishes to obtain further improvement within the course area and obtain the certificate for the addition of their professional curriculum.

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