Exness forex broker was founded in 2008 and runs for a decade with no scam claim. However, there are some people who keep commenting on the opposite. They upon what basis to conclude that Exness is a scam broker? In this article, we need to clarify two major points: Exness is one of the best forex brokers, and how Exness was mistaken as a scam brokers?


  1. What proves Exness as a good broker?
    1. Reliability
    2. Account options
    3. Customer Services
  2. What mistakes Exness as a scam broker?
    1. The Instant Withdrawal
    2. The Superlow spread
    3. The Unlimited Leverage

1. What proves Exness to be a good ‘boy’?


Time can tell and as mentioned earlier, Exness has ten years of operation with a clear history. Regarding the regulation, the broker has many, including FCA and CySEC license. Their financial reports of Exness are audited by the Deloitte of the top four accounting firms. Last years, they announce the sponsorship with Cristiano Ronaldo and his team the Real Madrid.

Despite countless negative rumors, Exness forex broker keeps their unique services, from which clients make profits and withdraw cash instantly. Last May, Exness lay in the top 10 forex brokers on the trading volume, and ranked 1st. All the information are public, but not every people do the research carefully.

Account options

Exness is one of the biggest brokers with multiple choices. There are six flexible options for all traders (excluding the Demo account), and its ECN account helps Exness climb to be one of the Best ECN brokers. This is not a wise long-term strategy for any scam brokers.

Customer Services

The strong customer services can be found with the language support, local payment, and regional office system. Over 30 flags are listed on Exness site with 24/7 online support. There are many local offices and payment points cover around the planet. Wire bank transfer and e-wallet are both accepted for traders’ safety and comfort. They can also find the local staff members at regional offices on weekdays for better direct support.

2. How ‘Scam’ is Exness – Unique Trading Conditions

There are three components that stand between good or evil the Exness forex broker. But we experienced traders consider the following as attractive trading conditions.

Instant Withdrawal

Biggest brokers always apply modern technology to improve the services, and speed. XM is one of the fastest, hence the sponsorship with Usain Bolt the World fastest man. Exness just did a little further and made XM stands second. The regular wait for withdrawals are on hour-scale, but no milliseconds with Exness. The instant service easy brought its name into the Top 10 forex brokers of the fastest execution speed.

Super Low Spread

Most brokers usually choose high Spread and low Commission or vice versa as the main income, Exness offers low on both. It’s worth noting that the spread on six most populous currency pairs by Exness is lowest, and zero ECN spread for one of the best ECN brokers.

Unlimited Leverage

No brokers open unlimited leverage but Exness, yet this condition doesn’t apply to all Exness accounts. This option is for MT4 Cent, Mini, and Classic accounts. From another aspect, novice traders can test the first two for months even with limited pocket, and Exness requires no minimum deposit for these accounts.

The 1:0 leverage might be risky but also the better chance to win greater – with unlimited leverage Exness Classic accounts. Thus, it’s not the forex trading condition for soft-hand or inexperienced traders. Find the suitable strategy and keep your discipline tight, don’t shift the blame to trust-worthy-verified biggest brokers.


Exness reviews show that it is one of the best ECN brokers and has found the top 10 forex brokers in many aspects. Don’t be blindfolded by baseless rumors and start some research. Hope for your forex achievement and great success. See you next time.

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