Why Italian Furnishings Are Preferred By Interior Designers


Italy is the home of iconic design thanks to its incredibly rich history of art and culture. As Italian craftsmanship has defined design movements over centuries, their products embody timeless elegance and are the synonyms to quality and exquisite style. To understand why Italy stands at the forefront of luxury design, we have to look back into history.

Italian designers have first taken their inspiration from traditional Italian architectural outlines and French art deco styles in the 1930’s to craft innovative, elegant and functional designs. Even though they held on to their fine craftsmanship skills, they embraced the possibilities of new production methods with the increasing industrialization and started to manufacture minimalist and modern styles after the Second World War.

Around the 1970’s the country started to gain more attention from the rest of the world as fashion companies such as Prada and Versace began to get recognized. Finally the label “Made in Italy” was identified by style and quality of furniture, fashion design and sports cars. The branding became this popular, that in 2009 the Italian law stated that only products entirely designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy are authorized to use the trademark “Made in Italy” or “100% Made in Italy”.

Interior designers love the idea behind Italian furnishings, as it is crafted to look simple but exquisite to feature both the traditional and modern designs of today’s homes as well as portrait the personality of the homeowner. The renowned minimalistic design uses clean lines and incorporates original quality textiles with simple patterns that are less likely to clash with other interior design as furniture pieces will blend in with their surroundings due to the functionality and fresh aesthetics. Italian furniture is the perfect way to change and refresh any interior as it breathes uniqueness and chic and is easy to be decorated with accessories to satisfy any individuals taste.

A piece “Made in Italy” will always add a bit of class, style and emotion to a home, whether the furniture might be a dining table, chair, sofa, sideboard or coffee table. Every design product will be characterized by highest quality and comfort, which will remain long in the memory of guests and family. Italian furniture has the edge of classic and modern touch simultaneously and the fine details build into every piece promise to add beauty to any room. This has made interior designers and homeowners opt for Italian furniture more than ever.

Products that are both made and designed in Italy are not only produced sustainable but also benefit from meticulous attention to detail. As most of the companies are private and family owned, the quality control during the local manufacturing process is better than anywhere. Some furniture pieces will be made entirely by hand, thus each individual piece is the fruit of the craftsman’s skill and has its own personality. In Italy handcrafted furniture is made with precision and becomes a unique work of art that makes the centrepiece of any room.

The durability of Italian leather furniture is another reason why the pieces are still a much sought after kind, as the products are only made from the highest quality cowhides which have been traditionally tanned by hand to make the material extremely robust and to achieve the leathers very distinctive look that gives any sofa or chair a unique touch.

If you are inspired by Italian design and want to glamorize your home with an elegant and functional piece of Italian furniture, have a look around at your next furniture store who might carry all the worlds most respected brands Italian designers have to offer.

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