What is the 485 Visa and Why Compare Providers?


The 485 visa is a migrant students’-based permit to live and work in Australia. It’s specially made for those students who have studied in Australia for two years and want to live and work there. It lets you stay and work in Australia for 18 months to 4 years. Before you get yourself busy trying to compare multiple providers for the 485 visa, you must first understand certain things.

Conditions to Apply

Applying for this migration visa isn’t on an invitation-only basis as it’s the case with most other visas. You won’t be subjected to a lengthy process of submitting an Expression of Interest. But that doesn’t mean anyone who has completed two years of study in Australia is already a potential holder of the 485 visa. Don’t start the application process for the 485 visas until you confirm if you meet these requirements;

  • Aged between 18 and 50
  • Possesses the general skilled migration requirements like character, health, and English language
  • You’ve already completed a 2-year course in Australia
  • Be a holder of a diploma, trade qualification, advanced diploma or bachelor’s degree

What Are Your Rights as a 485 visa Holder?

As a holder of the 485 visa card, you’re entitled to various rights. Never do anything outside your entitlements; otherwise, you will risk being devoted. Here are some of such benefits;

  • Ability to study any course of your choice in any of your favorite university or college in Australia
  • Right to temporarily living and work in Australia
  • Right to move around and tour any place of your choice within and outside Australia

What Relations are Covered in the Visa?

Just because you qualify for this visa doesn’t mean anyone around your friend’s or relative’s circle can stay with you. There are regulations as to who you can move in with. Here are some requirements;

  • If you’re to move in with your wife or husband, provide proof of marriage certificate.
  • If you’re to move alone as a married person, you have to offer a divorce certificate or legal statement split-up documents.
  • If you are to move in with a girlfriend you have lived with for some time; you have to provide evidence the relationship has lasted for more than a year. Such evidence can be in the form of joint ownership of assets, mutual bank account statements, and billing accounts in joint names.
  • If any relative or child has to be included, make sure you provide papers to prove they depend on you.

Once you’ve verified everything and confirmed that you qualify for the 485 visas, it’s time to dig into more in-depth details to find the best visa insurance provider. Consider comparing several visa providers to know which among them offers a quick and streamlined way to apply for the visa. Compare multiple providers for the 485 visa to settle for one that provides the best policies with the most friendly terms and conditions. Ensure the price and customer support team are as well up to your search preferences. Any provider whose customer support is not reliable should be avoided.

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