Weaning signs to know if you stop drinking in one fell swoop


Chronic alcoholism is due to excessive drinking that persists. The liver is the first organ affected, but it is not the only one: the neurological system is also very sensitive. In addition, alcohol – like tobacco – is a known carcinogen. Let’s go back to the symptoms of alcohol rehab, the treatments and the best means of prevention.

What is chronic alcoholism?

Not being able to do without alcohol on a daily basis sign physical and psychic dependence. Previously, over 3 standard drinks per day (like those served in bars and restaurants) for men (21 drinks a week) and 2 drinks for women (14 drinks a week), or more than 4 glasses taken in a row (for example, at each exit), there was talk of chronic alcoholism.

Is the frequency of chronic alcoholism high?

More than three million French people are concerned and another two million are in danger because they have already crossed the bounds of reasonableness. The women are particularly vulnerable because they naturally produce less enzyme capable of degrading alcohol. Thus, they need less to suffer the consequences. Chronic alcoholism is responsible for at least 40,000 annual deaths in France.


Alcohol rehab in pregnant women is particularly dangerous because it exposes the future baby to fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol intake during pregnancy is the leading cause of mental retardation in children. Since the alcohol is not filtered by the placenta, the fetus has an alcoholemia identical to that of its mother. There is a real risk of spontaneous abortion and then premature delivery from just one or two glasses a day. And beyond 3 glasses daily, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, the risk of developing syndrome of

What are the symptoms of chronic alcoholism?

Unlike acute alcoholism where drunkenness gives warning, chronic alcoholism can belong underestimated because the one who drinks too much and often gives the impression to bear it well.

Chronic alcoholics tend to lose track of what’s important: as they have fewer projects, fewer interests, least of fun doing what they loved once, depression is common. A large number are also violent: first verbally, then physically towards the spouse and the children (irascible character, conjugal violence ).

In cases of cerebellum and nerve damage, loss of balance and motor disorders are common. In cases of liver damage ( cirrhosis ), jaundice and digestive disorders occur. The pancreas can also be affected ( chronic pancreatitis ), resulting in abdominal pain and sometimes vomiting.

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