The Dress that You Need for the Smart Details


Choosing a dress for the evening, first of all you should consider your physique. The ideal proportions of the body are those that fit the “golden section” rule – this means that the whole is divided into two unequal parts so that the smallest part belongs to the larger, as the second relates to the whole. If we apply it to the figure, it turns out that the distance from the waist to the floor, and the distance from the top of the head to the waist for a perfect body should be equal to the proportions 3: 5, 5: 8 and 8:13. You do not fit these parameters? No problem. From fest klänningar this is essential.

The Smartest Details

You can correctly choose the length of the dress, shift the waist line, all this will help create the illusion of harmony. You also need to estimate the width between the shoulders and hips. By standard, women’s shoulders should be wider than the hips at least 3 centimeters.

  • Then any evening cocktail dress will look great. If your hips are narrow, you need to wear a skirt, a sun, a flared skirt or something like that. To determine how to dress properly, you need to stand in front of a large mirror and carefully examine yourself.
  • Determine what impression the figure makes with the face.

What more lines – curved or straight? What is more relevant – the triangle, ellipse, square?

The basic rule of the correct choice of clothing: if the shape of the face and body is not quite perfect, then you should not repeat their lines in hair and clothing. For example, if a person with a wide, heavy chin, you should not wear clothes with a square neck, and wear a straight bang, as all this will only emphasize the disadvantage. For evening fashion, there are three basic silhouettes:

  1. Fit – underline the figure. It suits tall and slim or miniature women.
  2. “Princess” – such a silhouette, thanks to the relief seams and expansion to the bottom makes the shape slim. It fits most women.
  3. A fluffy skirt and an adjacent bottom emphasize slimness and femininity.

It is extremely popular in wedding dresses. It is completely contraindicated for girls with curvaceous. The defining details for the correct choice of evening dress. The neckline with a “boat” neckline visually expands the shoulders and underlines the beautiful neckline. You can visit JJ’s House for the perfect deal.

It is oval-shaped deep neckline for girls with good breast shape. The cut-out of the heart-shaped form optically reduces the chest, conceals the volume. Increases the chest elongated V-neck, it is also recommended for girls with broad shoulders. With the right selection of evening dress, the girl will always look great, regardless of the figure, because any flaw can be masked.

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