The Best Live Music Venues in Arlington, VA


Arlington is one of the most interesting cities for those who love history, politics, and science- but it’s also a dream come true for anyone who adores music.  This city has a thriving music scene, from bars with live bands to incredible stage productions, so there’s no way you can leave bored.

These are the best music venues in Arlington, and why they’re so fantastic!

Capital One Hall

Capital One Hall is one of the most interesting venues out there!  Highly rated because of the impressive shows they put on; simply walking up to this theater, you’ll be impressed.  Offering national and local acts and even hosting private events, this is one of the most stunning destinations in the city.

When you come, make sure to take pictures, and don’t be surprised if you walk away stunned because of the beautiful blue interior and fantastic architecture.

The Renegade

When you’re ready to party and have fun after a long day of looking at Arlington real estate, it’s time to head to the Renegade!  We all love to cut loose and have fun, and the Renegade is a restaurant and live music venue that doesn’t stop bringing the hits.  Here the staff will treat you to great music and experiences, fantastic dishes, and awesome drinks that will make the experience even better.

Although some of the food can be pricey, it’s worth everything that comes with it!

O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub

Any Irish pub is a great time, but few can compete with O’Sullivan’s!  This pub offers a fun selection of live music that pays for anything from traditional Irish music to more contemporary hits and some of the best Irish bar fare you can find.  Many say this is the best place to go for a burger in the entire city.

Although this is a restaurant and bar before anything else, it’s still a great place to stop and catch a show while you’re in town.

State Theater

You can come back to the State Theater every single week and rarely see a repeat act!  Hosting everything from touring bands to tribute acts, comedy groups, and more- this 90-year-old theater still stuns to this day.

Many visitors say the employees sealed the deal, while others say they loved the venue itself.  This is a fun stop for any show.


If you love an industrial bar and restaurant with live music from some of the best local artists out there, it’s time to stop into WHINO.  Physical art makes a huge statement here, giving you a chance to even buy some of the gallery pieces if you fall in love.  The food and cocktails here are popular to ease the mood and let everyone feel more excited every time they come back.

Arlington Knows How to Put on a Show!

Whether you’re from out of town or you live in Arlington and want to make sure you know what’s happening in your area: these venues are all stunning.  Consider stopping in soon to catch a show in your area!

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