Learn the key facts about 457 work visas


Australia has limited skilled labor, which creates barriers to work in all sectors. To keep the economy in good condition, more experienced workers are needed to work in these sectors. To address the lack of skills, Australian entrepreneurs take skilled migration. Qualified workers abroad are hired for temporary work in Australia if it is not possible to find qualified workers in the local market.

457 work visas

The 457 visa is the most used for work in Australia. This visa allows a foreign worker to work up to 4 years in Australia. To obtain this visa, you must find an employer in Australia who sponsors this visa at the designated position. In general, 457 is issued only in professions that are included in the list of critical skills like 457 visa resource from insurance to bank accounts. Once received, applicants can bring their family and dependents to Australia.

If you plan to apply for 457 jobs, here are the main things you should know about Australia’s 457 visa program. You must fulfill all the rights to obtain 457:

  • Must be sponsored by an employer to work in a designated position.

Your profession must be included in the Qualified Occupations List of Australia (SOL).

  • Requires experience, skills, and qualifications as indicated for the designated position
  • Good IELTS or PTE scores
  • He has been paid more than $ 53,900 in his previous job. This is the minimum amount required to live in Australia, also called the temporary income threshold for skilled migration (TSMIT), but it changes every year.
  • To obtain this visa, you must have private health insurance valid for the entire period of your stay in Australia.
  • Must meet the character requirements
  • Necessary to comply with the health requirements, as indicated in the information form 1163i.
  • There are no restrictions or limitations on your current visa.
  • All non-refundable registration fees paid.

Must meet all the requirements and hire the best agent 457 to complete this visa to avoid failures.

457 permanent residence visas

457 visa holders who have worked in Australia for two years in an awkward position with the same employer can apply for a visa under the plan for permanent employers (ENS). This is also called the transit flow of temporary transit resident of ENS.

Permanent residency can even be submitted through the direct entry flow of ENS, and many people qualify for this before working in Australia. To apply to the Direct Entry Stream program, candidates must pass a skills assessment and obtain three years of experience in the chosen profession.

Qualified migration, in general, is a critical way to obtain a permanent residence in Australia. But it is essential to hire experts to know how to increase the number of PR points through GSM for immigration to Australia.

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