How to use Herbal Supplements and Vitamins in a Safe Manner


Herbal supplements are also known as botanicals. They’ve been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and over the decades. Herbal supplements are designed to help manage or prevent different ailments and diseases. Examples of common herbal supplements you can find include ginseng, saw palmetto, evening primrose, Echinacea, ginkgo, flaxseed, garlic, black cohosh, milk thistle, and St John’s Wort. You can find all these supplements and more at iHerb online store. With iHerb promo code Malaysia, you’ll be able to make savings when you order from the site.

Herbal supplements and vitamins have continued to gain popularity and some people have opted for these supplements to treat their ailments instead of orthodox medications. Before you make decisions that have to do with your health, it is important to weigh all options. You should also have information about the safety and effectiveness of your preferred supplements before you take them. You can find information about iHerb supplements and herbs at the online store. You will also find iHerb promo code Malaysia on the offer page. With this, you can save on your order.

Are Herbal Supplements and Vitamins Safe?

The FDA regulates and monitors herbs and dietary vitamins. However, the safety standards and efficacy of these products are not regulated as much as the traditional medications. This does not mean that they are not safe to take. It only means you have to exercise caution when purchasing and using an herbal supplement. iHerb supplements and herbs meet the stringent safety standards and they come with detailed information about ingredients and dosage. If you are concerned about any interaction, you can talk to the customer support team. You will also find amazing deals on the products available on the site, thanks to the available iHerb promo code Malaysia.

Do Herbal Supplements interact with other Supplements and Medications?

Before you use any herbal supplements, you need to understand that they can interact with prescription and non-prescription drugs. You can check with the specialists at iHerb store to know if an herbal product has any interactions with your prescription drug. Remember to get an iHerb promo code Malaysia before you place your order of herbal supplements on the site.

Health Conditions that Requires Care when using Herbal Supplements and Vitamins

Older people are prone to have multiple medical conditions. This means they are likely to take multiple prescription medications. Therefore, they must consult with their doctor before using any herbs or supplements to prevent possible contraindications or interactions.

Individuals with diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, hypertension, glaucoma, thyroid problems, enlarged prostate gland, heart disease, and immune system disorders should talk to their health care provider before using herbal supplements. This list is not exhaustive. So, if you have any health condition, talk to your doctor before using any supplements and vitamins.

The bottom line is that you should always let your health care provider know all about the herbal products you are using with your prescription and non-prescription drugs so they can advise appropriately.

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