How To Help Your Movers On Moving Day


Sipping some cold lemonade on your patio while other people struggle to move your belongings? Great! Just because you hired movers does not mean you cannot lift a finger to help with the process. The moving company will do the job you have hired them for. However, there are things they cannot do, and just because you are paying them does not mean you should sit back and watch. If you have a lot of stuff, packing can take a lot of time. Therefore, it makes sense if you would like to help to shorten the time. You don’t have to lift the heavy furniture but here are a few essential things you can do on a moving day.

Start Packing

Moving starts even before the moving day comes. You probably have a checklist of the things you have to do. So, unless the moving company will do the packing, it is advisable to finish packing early. Pack your books and equipment in their boxes to ensure the process does not take long. Declutter the house and get rid of everything you will not need in your new home.

Don’t Tell Them How to Do their Job

We understand you love your belongings and want them to be handled with care. However, you should know that movers know how to do their job. These are experts with all the experience you would need to move items. They know how to pack everything, including fragile items. Therefore, leave the job to the professionals.

Stay Out of Their Way

Avoid making the process hectic by staying out of the way. Do not follow the professionals around when doing their job. You can help if you want to but do not be a hindrance to their perfect job. Instead, go with your kids and pets to another place to avoid slowing the movers down. Keep the pets in one room and ensure they have enough food and water. You can also keep the kids busy with cartoons, games, or food.

Label the Boxes

Make the work easier for the movers by labeling the boxes. They don’t have to open every box or shake it to figure out what is inside. So, use a marker to label the boxes correctly. It will also be easy to handle fragile items carefully.

Offer Refreshments

The crew does a great and hard job of lifting heavy items, managing the stairs, and making trips to and from the house. It will be a nice gesture if you offered refreshments in between work. It will keep them hydrated and fueled throughout the day. It will show appreciation, and they will be grateful to work with you.

Don’t Disappear on Them

We said you should stay out of their way, but we did not mean you disappear. The crew will have questions and suggestions, and they need your approval. If you have to be away for work, ensure there is someone around to supervise the move, answer questions, handle unexpected situations and pay the movers.

In Conclusion,

Hiring a moving company does not mean you should not lift a finger to help. Helping is not a must because you have hired professionals for the job. However, doing the little things mentioned above to ease and fasten the process is crucial.

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