How To Choose Your Suitable Backpack? A Beginner’s Guide


How To Choose Your Suitable Backpack? A Beginner's Guide

Backpacks mean memories. Old backpacks always remind us of the adventures, treks and campings we had. The old ones remind us about those counting stars moments we had spent with ourselves or enjoying the trekking nights with our partners whereas the new backpacks fill our minds with the pleasure and enthusiasm of adventures yet to come. So, it is essential to choose your backpack wisely. There are a lot of backpacks in the market, and this affair could be a very confusing one. However, getting it right will ensure the comfort and the reliability for the upcoming expeditions.

So, here, we’ve chosen the top points to make a comprehensive guide on how to choose a perfect backpack. And you can also use the HotOzCoupons coupons codes to get amazing discounts on backpacks.

Types of backpacks

There are different kind of backpacks for different types of tours. A winter mountaineer planning has different requirements for bags than around the world traveller who does nothing but odd day hikes.

  • Trekking backpacks

These backpacks with a capacity of 45lit are great for camping and trekking trips. It can also cover up a shorter wild campaign and even a winter mountaineering trip too. These backpacks are usually above 40lit and are durable, lightweight, comfortable and water-resistant too.

  • Daypacks

Daypacks are usually more than 20lit, pockets to keep sunglasses, side pockets for water bottles. There are quick access hip pockets and stash pocket big enough to fit a cycling helmet.

  • Expedition backpacks

People want something more durable and bigger than the earlier options while going in an extended expedition like those extended expeditions on the slope of big mountains. These backpacks are made of harder and more durable materials than the others. However, there are still some places to improve. The hip straps of the bags need to be more padded. These backpacks contain plenty of external straps and stash.

  • Alpine backpacks

Alpine backpacks are mainly designed for rock climbers and have fewer compartments. But you can get the finger grip belts, ice cool attachments, hydration system, lighter and an amazing flexible back support system.

  • Adventure travels

Adventure backpacks are crossovers of backpacks and suitcases. It has almost all the features similar to that of the other three types of bags. It also includes laptop compartments, zipped shoe compartments and gear compartments too. But, the main advantage of an adventure backpack is it it has more rigid exterior similar to a suitcase.

Size and capacity

Sizes vary a lot while buying a preferred backpack for you. There are various sizes of backpacks described below.

  • Weekend trips

When you’re in a short break, and you want to get lost into the wild then you must keep your luggage lightweight. Cover more area and keep the pressure low on your feet and back. Keep your luggage light and ignore unnecessary aches and pains. Leave the luxury while leaving home. Keep only the essentials with you. The backpacks with the capacity of 30 to 50 litres are best for this kind of weekend trips.

  • Multiday travel:-

The multiday travel backpacks are the most popular backpacks and have a capacity of 70 litre. The long-term travellers who have more to carry with them can also use these backpacks. The backcountry skiers and the day trippers love them, and it’s even suitable for the overnighters.

Features of a backpack

There are a lot of attributes and features in a backpack. Most of us don’t even know about them. So, here is a list of attributes a regular bag has. Doesn’t mean all the backpacks will have all the qualities described here, but it could help you choose a suitable backpack for you.

  • Walking pole loops:- Use these loops to keep your walking poles or ice axes.
  • Zipped front panel:- The front zip panel is used to get easy access to the main compartment.
  • Lid:- Lid is an easy to access pocket at the top of your pack. In some backpacks the lid is removable. In these cases, it can be removed to save weight, or you can use it also as small hip bags.
  • Load lifters:- Yes, load lifters may look tiny, but they are essential too. These load lifters connect the shoulder strap to the top of the pack frame, and you can change angles concerning your body. Load lifters mainly help you to keep the weight centred on your hips.
  • Shoulder straps:- Padded shoulder straps provide comfort whereas the thinner ones offer flexibility. Mesh shoulder straps provide better ventilation.

There are also hip straps, easily accessible hip pockets, front stash packets, sleeping bag compartments and a lot more attributes in a backpack. Choose wisely, choose best. Happy vacations.

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