Everything There Is to Know About FiFA 20 for Pc


FIFA 20 for PC is the most awaited simulative game as of now. News about its release and advancements are all over the news boards. The thrill with this simulative game is making every PC game lover want to part ways with as much as they can afford. Rumors about the expected advancements are hitting the news boards with a boom. Check these guys out to know more about FIFA 20 and easiest way to download FiFA 20 pc gratuit.

Changed Penalties and Free Kicks

FIFA 20 has advanced significantly when it comes to free-kicks and penalties. As for the free kicks, players have total control on the ball trajectory and easily use any stick to add topspin and sidespin. In short, the game has been advanced to make pulling all types of shots, which move around and over the wall easy. As with the case of penalties, they have been revamped all to make the mechanics accessible and fun as well giving them a realistic look and functionality.

Career Mode Improvements

FIFA 19 is expected to exhibit significant changes in the Career mode presentation. It’s found in a glossy shell. Players are joining new clubs for new seasons. It lets you make budget-friendly transfers.

Features and Advancements

  • I Defendingàmassive changes are going to be witnessed on the A.I. defending. The defending systems will be upgraded, and a planned tackling feature will be added to minimize the frustrations players face when the computer doesn’t perform to their expectations. The one-on-one scenarios are advanced to improve consistency, finishing, and goalkeeper’s abilities.
  • Passingàthe passing has been advanced as well. You will see more updates on the pass success, positioning, pressure situation, and more. Players will have the power to exercise dinked passes and driven pass-and-go.
  • More stadiums, leagues, and clubsàFIFA 20 is likely to have more licensed competitions and leagues as well as more clubs. FIFA 20 will include 12 venues most of which aren’t found on FIFA 19.
  • Virtual Realityàthe technology and simulation added on the virtual reality are more advanced. FIFA 20 has added a bold and more impressive VR mode to ensure you can comfortably use PlayStation VR headsets to enjoy your game.

What’s the Release Date?

As per the available revelations, EA sports are expected to release the standard of FIFA on 27 September 2019. The Ultimate and Champion Editions will be published earlier, which means gamers will be able to access it by 24th September 2019.


Those who have a real love for FIFA games should start preparing for the release of the most awaited game—FIFA20. As for those who would instead download a cracked version of the game, you should visit here to access FIFA 20 pc gratuity.

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