Does lift up marketing services is advantageous or not?


Anything having good sides has bad sides also. That means the lift up services has disadvantages too. In this article, we will discuss the disadvantageous points of lift up marketing. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. LIMITED NUMBER OF PEOPLE: There is a limited number of people who are attracted by these lift ads as because all the people are not fond of using lifts or elevators. Yes, these are the advertising methods that reach the unreachable people also. But one of the major drawbacks is this that all the people are not there to use these methods. That’s why these are services that reach a limited number of people. The ads in the newspapers are 85% of people reaching but these ads are only 60% of people reaching. That’s why these services are disadvantageous also.
  2. IRRITATING: Sometimes these ads become irritating for people as because all the people who use lifts on a daily basis watch these ads. Therefore, people sometimes get irritated of watching these ads. These are the ads that sometimes irritates the people when they are out of mind or in a sense of losing temper. That’s why these advertising methods sometimes become irritating.

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  1. MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: This is one of the major drawbacks of these services. The lifts location are very much misleading. The lifts are present on so many places that make difficult to reach the product or brand to all the people. This is one of the major cause of this system of advertising. There are so many people who are facing problems after availing these services.
  2. COST HIGHER ENDS: Sometimes these services become very much costly as because they are so many things that are to be done. Printing of posters, pasting of posters and so many things. These are the things that make this system of advertising difficult and of higher cost. The people of small businesses cannot easily afford these advertisement methods. This is one of the problematic disadvantages of this advertising system.
  3. DIGITAL V/S NON-DIGITAL: These days digital advertising is at the top level. Due to this the advertising through this method is not easily attracted by people. The people are not attracted to such posters and ads because they are fond of watching digitally. This is the other major cause of this system.

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