Cooking Simulator: Tips to Run Your Kitchen Smoothly


Having a hard time keeping your kitchen neat and tidy? 

Don’t worry! Today’s article will help new players like you to cook more quickly and hassle-free. But of course, in order to follow all the tips below, you must have some basic experience with the game, or you’ve read basic tutorial and mechanics on the net. 

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Cooking Simulator: Preparation and Cleaning Time

Lots of new players are complaining about the preparation time, they said it’s not enough to get things done. But actually, they can unlock additional skills for prep and cleaning time. 

However, if the additional skills are still locked in your game, below tips can be helpful to you during these kinds of hard scenarios. Actually, this may feel odd, since the game system doesn’t allow the food to spoil yet, and if you’re the kind of player whose goal is realism, then this guide may not be suited for you.

1. Learn Your Recipe Catalog 

Actually, this tip is important, why? Because if you know the ingredients to your recipes, you don’t need to see it again and again (back and forth) just to see what you need. 

Being quick is an edge because it’ll help you to quickly add up additional ingredients you’ll be needing in the recipes. But don’t worry, sometimes you just need to remember 8 potatoes and 1 garlic for potato soup. This will only get more complicated if lots of ingredients are involved. 

2. Try to Prepare Several Items at Once 

Get the cutting board and grab three or more pieces of an item at once. You can use the multiple grab option to make it easier for you to cook. 

3. Use the Spices Correctly 

The less item you have, you can move things much easier. If your dish is baked trout, just grab three of the ingredients and take them to preparation station. Grab the needed spices and seasons and collect all the other ingredients first before baking them. 

4. Prepare Your Slice Lemons and Potatoes Ahead of Time 

To be honest peeling potatoes and lemons are a total pain. You can prepare them in advance since the food doesn’t spoil. Store the peeled potatoes and slice lemons separately in the plastic bowls near the fresh herbs. Don’t fill your bowls too much because full bowls are glitches, troubles may arise it’ll prevent you from aiming the shelves correctly.

Start preparing French fries in advance, cutting it piece by piece is a huge pain, so you need to keep some of these ready.

5. Keep Yourself Busy!

In order to keep your kitchen clean, don’t skip the cleaning time. Think and prepare ahead of time, as mentioned above, foods don’t spoil so take advantage of this. Start preparing the meal for tomorrow and just reheat it in the next day using the microwave or the stove.  

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