Can Pearls Bring Good Luck to You?


Many people who believe in Feng Shui often claim that wearing pearl jewellery can always bring good luck, which may or may not be true. However, Pearls can bring better Feng Shui.

As such by wearing a pearl pendant necklace neither brings good luck or bad luck however it can match the energy of these pearls with your personal energy.

What are the benefits of Pearl jewelry?

Many people after wearing pearls often may not get any gemstone’s energy as normally it is claimed. Some even complain that their energy has further weakened after wearing pearls.

In fact, if you wear a real pearl which is either a natural gem or obtained directly from sea or a cultured pearl then perhaps it makes some difference in the energy. If you have any artificial pearl that are made with plastic then it will not have any property that any real gem may have.

If you are shopping pearl jewelry for improving your personal Feng Shui then you must consider following two factors:

  1. Essence of pearl jewelry

Following are some of the energy attributed to this gemstone:

  • Flexibility
  • Flow
  • Fluid motion
  • Purity
  • Water
  • Rare beauty
  • Subtle nourishment

There may be slight difference between freshwater and saltwater pearls however both have same essence. According to experts, the wild pearls have got much more energy property as compared to cultured pearls.

Natural pearls are very rare commodity but they are ideal gemstone and hence they tend to cost much higher. Any natural white colour pearl or black Tahitian pearl will be very expensive pearl.

  1. Its role for personal energy

In case, you are looking for pearl jewelry as Feng-Shui material then you must consider your personal energy before making your choice.

You must remember that true origin of jewellery was for therapeutic reasons rather than fashion. Throughout the years people used to choose specific metals, stones, crystals and gems to gain certain specific energy properties.

Therefore, for selecting right jewellery for the Feng Shui, you must know yourself quite well. What kind of personal energy will you need for bringing benefit to your spirit?

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