Best Practices Before, During and After Taking Steroids


If you have never bought anabolic steroids before, it is crucial that you make yourself aware of the things that involve it. Before you buy mass steroid cycle, you need to understand what anabolic steroids really mean. Essentially anabolic steroids are synthetic variations of the male sex hormone – testosterone.

Health care providers prescribe it to treat hormonal issues (like delayed puberty) or diseases that cause muscle loss (like cancer and AIDS). The non-medical uses of anabolic steroids are building muscle and improving athletic performance.

The non-medical uses of anabolic steroids lead to its growing demand. With this, the Internet is filled with online shops. You can even click this site then purchase immediately but you should be vigilant. Keep in mind that not all online shops are created the same.

To help you get started, here are some best practices before, during and after taking steroids:

Before taking steroids

Before taking anabolic steroids, you should do the following:

  • Consult the doctor: it is important that you consult the doctor at the onset. The doctor will determine the right dose for you.
  • Find a trusted site: when it comes to finding a trusted site, you should first look into its reputation. You can start by reading reviews or joining online discussions. Check also the payment options, security, free samples, and Money Back Guarantee.
  • Check the price: there are many low-cost steroids available but you should not compromise the quality in order to save a few backs. The key here is to maintain a balance between the quality and the cost. In the end, find something that won’t be too heavy on your budget so you can sustain it.

While taking steroids

While you are already taking steroids, you need to consider the following:

  • Learn about the pattern of use: pattern of use can minimise problems that lead to tolerance. With this, you should learn about cycling (this refers to taking 6-12 weeks then stopping for 4 weeks), stacking (this refers to combining different types of steroids) and pyramiding (this refers to gradually increasing the doses to a peak then reducing it).
  • Exercise regularly: it does not mean that you gain muscles just by taking steroids. It is crucial that you exercise regularly. When you take steroids, it can enable you to train intensely or lift more weight.
  • Follow a strict diet: while taking steroids, do not forget to follow a strict diet. With a balanced meal, bulking will be sustained. If you need help, hire a dietician.

After taking steroids

Your vigilance should never stop the moment you are taking steroids. After taking, you should do the following:

  • Watch out for side effects: even with the safety measures, you should always be on the lookout for side effects. You have to know when to discontinue. When you notice side effects, you need to stop immediately and do not hesitate to seek medical attention.
  • Remember tolerance: you learned about the pattern of use to minimise the potential of tolerance. Always keep in mind that if you take steroids repeatedly, the body will adapt to its continued presence until such time that steroids will not be as effective.
  • Avoid alcohol: after taking the steroids, you should avoid alcohol. Keep in mind that there are some oral steroids that may cause liver damage since they are hepatotoxic in nature. If you consume alcohol, it will worsen your condition.
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