Baby Shower Planning: Some Dos And Don’ts To Remember


A special lady in your life is expecting their little bundle of joy to arrive anytime soon. To celebrate the miracle of life and her journey to motherhood you want to throw a baby shower. Some are skilled enough to know exactly what to do, but not everyone is talented enough to throw a successful baby shower their first try. Here are some baby shower planning tips you can use as a guide to help you plan, host, and throw a baby shower:

DO: Set A Budget

First thing is first, sit down and have a look at your budget for the party. Knowing how much you can afford right off the bat will help you limit the guest list, choose the right baby shower caterers, and even book a venue. Planning a baby shower is just like planning a party you can’t have a good one without setting a budget at first.

DON’T: Send Invites Last Minute

People have busy lives and sending out a baby shower invite a few days before the date will guarantee that most people won’t be joining. Try to talk to the family and friends of the expecting mother to know which dates are best for their schedule. The latest you can send invites would be 2 weeks before the party, this more than enough time for people to buy the gifts and to clear the day for the celebration.

DO: Plan The Menu

Decide whether you are planning to cook yourself, prefer a potluck party, or have the budget to hire baby shower caterers for the party. Planning the food and drink menu early will give you more than enough time to work with a caterer and design a wonderful menu that everyone will enjoy. If you choose to cook you will enough time to prepare and when you decide on a potluck party, your guests will have a head’s up and allow them to coordinate with you about the menu.

DON’T: Force Guests To Play Games

Baby showers are notorious for having awkward games such as guessing how big mommy’s tummy has become. Although these games sound like a good idea as a party activity, not everyone is comfortable playing these games. Try not to push or pressure people to join if they don’t want to as this can ruin the mood of the party. This is especially important if the mother to be isn’t interested to play any of the games.

DO: Invite The Men

Gone were the days that only women were invited to baby showers. Today, men can also join the party. It is a great way for family members and friends to get together before the new addition to the clan arrives. Extend the invites to the guys so that everyone can enjoy the celebration.

Planning a baby shower for a friend or family member is a big task, especially if you have never planned one before. If you are unsure about what to do, there is no shame in asking the mother to be for her input. Even if the surprise is ruined, as the least the party will be a hit.

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