Tips to Study Smarter


You study so hard for exams, yet you are disappointed with the result. When this happens, you start to question your abilities and wonder why even bother studying. Most students experience this and have realised that studying smart is more effective than studying hard. Most students whine about the topics untouched just a few days before the exam. In contrast, smart students study as and when they receive notes. This allows them to cover everything that they need to know even before the exam timetable is out. The earlier you study, the better! In the article, we have discussed some of the best study tips.

How to Study Smart?

Understand the Concept

Few students memorise everything, including concepts such as linear equation in one variable without really understanding. This puts them in a problematic situation when exams are designed in a way that it requires the application of knowledge. When students fail the test that they claim to have studied hard for, it is evident that they never understood the material.

Make Use of Flashcards

Flashcards improve memorisation. It helps you remember important concepts and key terms. A large number of notes can be condensed using flashcards. Drawing diagrams on flashcards will help you to remember important details. You can carry around flashcards anytime anywhere allowing you to revise on the go quickly.

Refer Different Materials

Refer to other materials apart from your notes. You will meticulously understand the topic when you make use of more than one resource. This also allows you to learn concepts that may be missing from your notes. Make sure you take a trip to the library because it contains information on most of the topics that are taught in schools.

Take Breaks

Breaks are essential because they help you retain information. Studying for a prolonged period will drain your brain. Feeding the mind with too much information results in congestion. It is vital to give the brain some time to absorb new materials. You can study for 30 minutes and take a break of 10 minutes.

These were a few tips for studying smarter. Meanwhile, for a better understanding of the concepts such as the antilog table with the help of videos, students can subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.

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