An Example of a Crestron Multi-Room Home Entertainment System Installation


Crestron is a leading brand in smart home technology. Being an experienced company, Crestron has become the number one choice for the majority of people, as all of their products are easy to use and make the home an entertainment hub. Here we have come up with a stunning example of a Multi-Room Home Entertainment System Installation completed by Custom Controls.

In this installation, there are multiple video rooms created, and you can enjoy Apple TV in addition to centralized Virgin Media Tivo throughout all the zones. The audio zones made are designed to provide easy access to the automatic digital media server which offers Spotify and internet radio along with easy access to the iTunes database of the client. In order to add a personal touch, the installers streamlined the local radio to the property, which can be played through the system.

Every room is designed to produce a top-class entertainment system. The owner can move from the dining room to the kitchen and into the elegant open family room whilst hearing the same clear audio.

In the main living room, a large projector screen has been installed, which is retractable. This means that the screen can be dropped down when the client wants to watch something, and when it is not in use, the display screen can be stored by retracting the projector screen into the ceiling. Also, a world-class acoustic speaker is integrated into the ceiling for delivering an unmatched and wonderful audio experience.

The residents can effortlessly control the audio and video features through their iPad or smartphone. The homeowner can also customize the lighting as per their own personal choice through the advanced lighting system that has also been added.

In addition to the high-end arrangement in the primary living room, the second family room that is situated on the ground floor also has the same technological setup. A wide 55-inch Samsung TV screen has been installed and that delivers high picture quality and crystal-clear visuals. Moreover, for supreme quality audio, the installers have integrated Origin Acoustic in-ceiling speakers to give the best sound possible.

As well as this, a wall-mounted TV is also installed in the kitchen. It shows what the other TVs are displaying so that you don’t miss anything while working in the kitchen. In the kitchen, in-ceiling stereo origin acoustic speakers are fitted. This installation completed by home audio video installations experts Custom Controls shows a multi-room entertainment system in its best light.

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